Preschool Teacher Salary

Importance of preschool teacher salary

Although people would argue that preschool teacher salary should not be the main motivation for you to choose a career in this area, it is a vital factor that can not be taken for granted. The prevailing attitude that people have towards teachers can be changed if these teachers are provided with attractive salary packages. These people have personal needs and families to take care of. Read More

Preschool Teacher Requirements

Are preschool teacher requirements important?

Some people think that being a preschool teacher does not require any formal training. In fact some parents chose to play the role of parent as well as a preschool teacher. This is mainly because, according to them, the role is so simple that they can do it effortlessly. Some have even been hard saying that they understand their children like the palm of their hands and can do this without incurring any extra expenses. Read More