Teacher Salary and Career Outlook

It’s a noble profession and one that brings a lot of personal satisfaction, however, it can’t be denied that a teacher salary and the job outlook is something to be considered before going to college for four years in this field. Know that in 2008, there were approximately 3.5 million jobs for teachers in the kindergarten, early education, middle education and secondary education fields. Of course, the number of jobs is spread out across the United States much as the population trends are.

Teacher-SalaryUnderstandably, the growth trends indicate that the cities and states that are growing the most are expected to need the most teachers. For example, states that are currently growing rapidly like Nevada, Georgia, and Arizona will see a spike in teaching jobs in the years to come. However overall by 2016, the enrollment K-12 is expected to drop and the need for teachers of these grades because of the children of baby boomers leaving the system. Because of that, in many areas, a teacher salary could be expected to drop.

The one way a student can help make themselves more marketable and command a larger teacher salary is to focus on the less populated subjects such as math and science. Additionally, if a teacher becomes certified in multiple subjects, they can have a better job outlook as they can switch concentrations if the demand dictates it.

As with most professions, the longer one stays in the education field, the more experience one gain, the more the average teacher salary can be expected to grow. For those wanting a larger income and a position of more responsibility, there are other avenues a teacher can climb in the educational corporate ladder. Many teachers go on to become librarians, special education teachers, guidance counselors or administrators. Depending on the school system, there are often times positions available such as senior or mentor positions whereby they mentor newer inexperienced teachers in addition to their own classes.

If you’re looking to become an educator, there are many opportunities today and in the future and overall, the future is bright. However, having multiple specialties, being willing to move or take a position in a rural or urban area could be the key that gets you hired over someone else.

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